Welcome to the non-forum!

Why is this now a static FAQs website and no longer a forum? What a good question! The main reason is the absurd amount of housekeeping which was required to keep the user forum free from automatically generated spam. Sadly, the reality nowadays is that the spambots have taken over and destroyed many previously useful features of the web. While the previous forum was running, I was getting dozens of new registered members every hour, each one of which would then attempt to post spam either as new topics or as comments to existing posts. Even though I had changed the settings to force every post to be approved, the unapproved posts (filled with spam, including ugly pornography) mounted up and up.

So, alas, there is no longer a support forum.

What you have instead is this, my attempt to manually keep up a site with frequently asked questions about my software. If you have a question about the software, please email me at the address listed on the Help pages for the software. I will both answer you directly, as well as post my response here if the question raises new issues.