MarkAble and Windows 10

MarkAble seems to be working fine with Windows 10. Indeed, my development machine has now been upgraded to run Windows 10.

Chapter Master and Apple QuickTime

There have been serious security issues reported with QuickTime for Windows, and Apple recently announced that it would no longer be supporting QuickTime in future on the Windows platform, nor would it be addressing such security concerns. In the light of this, I have changed Chapter Master so that it no longer requires QuickTime, and … [Read more…]

MarkAble and Windows 8

I have received a handful of reports complaining that MarkAble doesn’t work correctly under Windows 8. Specifically, that it hangs while trying to compile the final AAC audio file. I have spent some time trying to reproduce the error, but haven’t been able to do so. That makes it extremely hard for me to fix. … [Read more…]

Welcome to the non-forum!

Why is this now a static FAQs website and no┬álonger a forum? What a good question! The main reason is the absurd amount of housekeeping which was required to keep the user forum free from automatically generated spam. Sadly, the reality nowadays is that the spambots have taken over and destroyed many previously useful features … [Read more…]