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The current version of Chapter Master is 1.3.1.

NOTE: Although Chapter Master is still a current product and still appears to be working well, purchasers should be aware that future technical support will be limited and it's highly unlikely that I will be able to provide software updates.

Chapter Master makes it easy to add chapter stops (permanent 'bookmarks') and images to an AAC (*.m4a or *.m4b) file for use as an audiobook or enhanced podcast on the iPod.

Chapter Master screen grab

At the moment, it's Windows based, but it's possible there will be a port to the Mac or Linux in future.

I hope I have designed it to be extremely easy to use. You simply open an AAC file and can add and remove chapter stops at any time point within the audio, naming them and optionally associating an image with each. You can, if you choose, listen to the audio, or fast forward through it, and by clicking a button insert a chapter at the current play time. Or you can simply choose to add regular chapter stops at say 15 minute intervals throughout the file.

You then just save the file and it is ready for import into iTunes and transfer to your iPod or iPhone. Once on the iPod you can navigate between bookmarks using forward and back controls. On later model iPods, the iPhone and iPod Touch you'll also see a list of the named chapters when you first go into the book/podcast.

On the iPhone

One important feature (compared to some alternative tools) is that you can load, edit and save an AAC file any number of times. If you have previously put images and bookmarks into the file, you'll see those on reload, and can edit or remove them at will.


Chapter Master, like any software product, may have flaws.  While we have made every effort to remove bugs and anticipate problems, we STRONGLY recommend that you back up the originals of any audio files you may use the program on.


I'm doing a quick survey about what improvements people might like me to make to Chapter Master. Just three questions! I would be grateful if you could just give me a couple of moments of your time.

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